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We are open now!


We are glad to see you on the website!

We are officially opening our website for customers from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Japan and other countries!
We know that in connection with falling of ruble exchange rate, suggestions, similar to ours in the market.
The quality of our products, unique designs and affordable price will be able to diversify the assortment of your shop and attract new customers!
In each collection, where you can find words to cut, we have dubbed them into English!
We set the prices RRP, which involve inherent 20-30% for delivery and 21% for the customs clearance of the products of our brand.
We have tried to translate all the information on the website, in English language, but sometimes you will meet the "Russian speech". We will translate the whole thing. If you notice any errors - write us, we will fix it!
All prices on the website are in US dollars. We bill and accept payment in US dollars. We hope for successful and fruitful cooperation!

Thank you for choosing us! 

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